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CMMS FAQ’s: Preparing for School

What comes next?

The end of July/beginning of August - you’ll receive your registration packet from CMMS.

How can I prepare my student for middle school?

  • Bring your student to the school in August to run through their schedule and find their locker. 
  • Have your student attend school on 7th grade orientation day (watch for an email from the school so you know when this is).
  • Help your student practice their locker combination.
  • Have your student practice their sleep schedule about a week before school (go to bed early, get up early, and get ready for school).
  • Ensure your student is getting adequate sleep each night (remove distractions from their bedroom and consider limiting screen time 1-2 hours before bedtime).
  • Help your student set up good study habits.  See our study and organization presentation for ideas.
  • Help your student be prepared for the first day of school.  Check out this suggested list of school supplies.
  • Check out these other resources: