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CMMS FAQ’s: Schedule and Class Information

Does my student have to take a reading class?

  • Students who are below grade level for reading will be required to take a year long reading class.
  • We will get a list from the district and place students in this class and adjust electives as needed.
  • If you have questions regarding this, please reach out to your student’s school counselor.

How does my student choose their elective classes?

Please help your student complete the 7th grade course selection form to choose elective classes.

How many elective classes does my student get?

It depends.  Students get a total of 1.5 credits.  This could be one full year class and one semester class or three semester classes.  We do want you to select 6 choices and rank them in order of preference.  No, your student won’t get all 6 choices, but classes do tend to fill up.  We try to give students as many of their top choices as possible, but sometimes we do have to go to their 5th or 6th choice.

When does my student get to see their schedule?

In Mid-August, after you complete the online registration process and pay school fees, you will be able to view your student’s schedule in skyward.  Please note that schedules are not finalized until August and are subject to change up to the beginning of school.

When is the first day of school for 7th graders?

7th graders typically start the day before the official first day of school. This day is a half a day and called 7th grade orientation day and is just for 7th graders.  More information will be sent at the beginning of August.

How do students find their classes?

Schedules will be available the beginning of August and you will be able to access your student’s schedule on Skyward once registration is complete and school fees have been paid.  Students can come into the school during our summer office hours to find their classes and go through their schedule.  7th grade orientation day is also a great day for your student to go through their schedule and meet their teachers. 

What do students do if they get lost?

Teachers are lenient the first week of school and understand that it takes some time to remember their schedule.  Students can go into the main office, attendance office, or counseling center for help.  They can also talk to any teacher, administrator, hall monitor, or SBO in the hallways to get help.

Will teachers count students tardy if they are late the first couple days of class?

No, they won’t.  Teachers will be very lenient the first couple days of school.  They know it takes some time for students to learn their schedule and find all of their classes.

How many minutes do students get between passing periods to get to class?

There are five minutes between classes to allow students to get to their next class.  This should be plenty of time if students plan accordingly.

How do we change my student’s schedule?

Schedule changes take place during the first week of each semester.  The only schedule changes that can take place are to drop an elective class and take a different elective class.  Please fill out a schedule change request form and turn it in at the counseling center. Schedule changes are subject to availability at the time the schedule change is trying to be made and if the change will work with your student’s current schedule.  Schedule changes may affect other classes in your student’s schedule.  Changes are often difficult to make.  Once a schedule change has been made, it is not likely the schedule change can be undone.  Schedule changes cannot be made to put friends in the same classes or to change a students lunch schedule.