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SCC 2015-16 Minutes Archive

April 6th 2016

Attendees: Paul Feyereisen, Katherine Harbaugh, Connie Bailey, Sarah Scherbel, Kim Baker, Melisa Christiansen, Amanda Parker (for Ms. Ewell), Allison Arsenault, Robin Bishop, Mike Hutchings, Elizabeth Erickson and Christina Hermann.

  1. Welcome:  Sarah welcomed the council members.
  2. Approval of February 2016 minutes:
    1. Motion: To approve the February 2016 minutes was made by Paul. 2nd by Amanda. Voting was unanimous.
  3. Safe Walking Route:
    1. Changes have been noted on the minutes from last meeting.
    2. Mike asked if there were concerns from parents-
      1. Sarah comments that it’s hard to see kids walking in the morning when it’s dark. Is there any education we can send out about reflective gear for the kids that walk?
        1. Mike says it can be included in the safe walking route to parents at registration since now it’s lighter out in the morning.
      2. Law enforcement expects the speed limit in front of school to change once construction in this area settles down and things become more stable.
    3. Accreditation:
      1. The accreditation team was very impressed with what was being offered here at the school. They had a lot of wonderful things to say.  They felt it was a great school.  Once the school gets the final report, there will be more information on where improvements were suggested.
    4. Up Coming Calendar/Summer Programs/Growth:
      1. Summer programs will be announced soon. The school will make announcements to the students, put things on the web and Facebook and send Skylerts.   The camps are normally in August.
      2. Tuesday April 12th, 5pm -6pm is Dog Gone night. Come get hotdogs and chips. Colton the Colt will be there.
      3. Food Truck night: Monday April 25th 5-8pm. If people spend $1000 per truck, the food trucks will donate 10% to the school.  Cupbop and Waffle Love are the trucks coming.
      4. August 22nd is back to school night for 2016-2017school year.
    5. Counseling Center:
      1. Recently met with 100% of 9th grade students to help guide them with classes to take in 10th
      2. Katherine suggested letting parents know.
        1. It’ll go out in the newsletter.
    1. Parent feedback about how the year went.
      1. Parents are concerned about assignments marked as missing instead of it just not graded yet.
      2. Elizabeth commends the Social Studies department for the History Bee. School has 4 students qualified for National History Bee.

Motion: To end meeting made by Katherine, 2nd by Amanda.  Voting unanimous.

Tentative Date for 2016-2017 1st School Community Council Meetings is September 14th @ 6:00 pm.


February 10, 2016    6:00 pm

Attendees: Allison Arsenault, Tami Ewell, Kim Baker, Paul Feyereisen, Susa Pulsipher, Julie Williams, Todd McIntyre, Sarah Scherebel, Mike Hutchings, Michelle Sampson, Aaron Ruckman

  1. Welcome:  Julie welcomed the council members.
  1. Approval of November 2015 minutes:
  1. Motion: To approve the November 2015 minutes made by Julie Williams, 2nd by Kim Baker. Voting was unanimous.
  1. Trustlands:
    1. Kim announces that more money was allocated for our Trustlands funds for 2016-2017 school year. She split it between tutoring and summer programs and technology.
      1. Sarah asked how many students take advantage of afterschool tutoring.
        1. There are about 100-300 students a month. Kim will attach data to minutes.  (These numbers are only from rosters of teachers that turn in timesheets for Trustland pay).
      2. Along with money for professional development days, tutoring and summer programs, the teachers would like more mobile labs.
        1. Aaron asked if there is a correlation between the money being used on professional development days and how our students perform. He also asked if technology is the 2nd best place for the money to be allocated.
          1. Kim said she believes that because of the planning days is why we are one of the top schools. It allows teachers that teach the same subject to plan, give common assessments, and collaborate more easily with each other.
          2. Julie likes it as a parent because she knows that school-wide the education is the same because of the collaboration among teachers.
          3. As far as technology, Kim says assessments are given on computers, so having students familiar with technology should help them be more comfortable on the assessments.
        2. Motion: To approve the Trustland Plan for the 2016-2017 school year is made by Kim, 2nd by Todd.  Voting was unanimous for approval as written.
      3. Safe Walking Route:
        1. There were only a couple changes from last year. The changes are in regards to the new neighborhood across Anthem and 11800 S. opening across Mountain View Corridor.
          1. The school will identify any concerns and send them on to the city. Two concerns right now are that there are sidewalks dugouts along 11800 S. but not paved yet.  The second concern that is submitted is the speed limit in front of the school as 40mph.
        2. Jordan District Future Bond: Susan talks about the Bond that will be presented in the fall.
          1. We have some of the biggest High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools in the state.
          2. The district has a plan for a 5 year plan to build more schools.
          3. This year, the district reallocated funds to build 2 new elementary schools. Changes have been made to reduce the cost by 17% from other schools that have been recently built.
        3. Accreditation:
          1. A State Accreditation committee visits secondary schools to see if they are aligned with State Standards and meeting the needs of the students.
        4. The Accreditation team will be here March 16th and March 17th. Parents and community members are asked to come on March 16th at 9:45 am -10:45 am to meet with the Accreditation team.  Reminders will be sent out.
        5. Counseling Center:
          1. Course selection cards were handed out to all current students and are due on the February 25th.
          2. Elementary showcase is tomorrow and the 7th Orientation night for incoming students will be March 2nd.
        6. Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship: We are following all new policies on safe usage of technology.

Motion: To approve adjourning the meeting is made by Julie, 2nd by Sarah. Voting is unanimous.

Next Meeting April 6th @ 6:00 pm.


November 4, 2015  6:00 pm – Media Center

Attendees: Julie Williams, Paul Feyeresisen, Connie Bailey, Katherine Harbaugh, Elizabeth Erickson, Allison Arsenault, Michelle Sampson, Mike Hutchings, Todd McIntyre, Sarah Scherbel, Christina Hermann, Tami Ewell, Melisa Christiansen, Kim Baker, Susan Pulsipher, Darla Thomas

  1. WELCOME: Julie calls meeting to order.

MOTION:  To approve the September 2015 Minutes made by Julie Williams.  2nd by Paul.  Voting was unanimous.

    1. SRI results were distributed and reviewed by council. A school goal was in increase test results by 2% every year.  Last year that goal was met.
    2. A Land Trust Draft was distributed and reviewed by council. Goals of Land Trust were also reviewed.  The school’s 5-year goal of getting a mobile lab in each Pod has been reached already.  Teachers would like to see more ipad labs with imovie.  The Trust Lands draft is similar to this year’s distribution of money.  Kim asks the council to review the draft and email idea changes out to the committee so at the next meeting Trust Lands can move towards approval.
    3. Sarah Sherbel asked about chrome books being phased out and not being discontinued after a couple more years and asked if the school was aware of these changes and how the school will handle it.  Kim explains that technology gets cycled through every couple of years and has already been in contact with the district tech guys to see what some other options will be.
    4. Todd asked if there was data to support how the Trust Land money being allocated was in the best interest of the student body.  Kim explained that how the students perform and the test scores are the data.  The most popular allotment has been teachers using professional days to collaborate with each other and to look at their own data and analyze how to improve.
      1. Julie will send out a copy of the Trust Lands guidelines for how the money can and cannot be allocated.
      1. Mike explains that colt corral and the options available to students during this time.
      1. Mike explains that the first time the dogs will come in will be Friday, November 6th. There are other schools are coming to observe and many different officers are coming to help out.  This will be a lock down drill.  Eight staff members will be going to CPR training next week.  The school received 100% on the district safety audit.  The school has received a 100% every year.  The school also had a Utah safety audit on October 26th and had 10 minor issues.  All 10 have already been fixed.  If parents are interested in school protocols for safety, there is a Reunification video by the district for parents to watch.  Mike has been working with Bill Reading, city planner for Herriman, on the SNAP plan.  Katherine asked about the parking lot after school.  Kim explained that it has been timed and within 10 minutes it is clear.  Todd asked if there are plans for a stoplight.  Kim and Mike explain they are going to put an RRFP or a flashing light.
      1. Connie explained there is an accreditation team of about 13 and asked for parent volunteers to come and talk to the committee members on March 16th and 17th.
      2. Connie presented the committee with the school mission statement and results from the parent/student/teacher survey.
      3. Connie distributed a graduation checklist that will be made available to all 9th All other grades will receive similar information in meetings with counselors.
      1. Paul asked how important it is to go to the SCC trainings. Susan said that the legislature wants to give SCC more responsibility, but doesn’t feel that most School Community Council’s know how to function so the legislature doesn’t give councils the added responsibility.   The school board would like to build very strong school community councils and that is why there is more training available this year.  The last training is at 6:00 pm on November 5, 2015 at the JSD ASB.

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting made by Julie. 2nd by Paul.  Voting unanimous.  Meeting adjourned.

NEXT MEETING: February 10, 2016 @ 6:00 pm



SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

ATTENDEES:  Julie Williams, Katherine Harbaugh, Connie Bailey, Kim Baker, Allison Arsenault, Darla Thomas, Lars Erickson, Elizabeth Erickson, Mike Hutchings, Todd McIntyre, Sarah Scherbel, Sarina Armstrong, Tami Ewell, Melisa Christiansen, Aaron Ruckman, Paul Feyereisen.

  1. WELCOME:  Julie calls the meeting to order and welcomes everyone.  Introductions were made. First order of business is to nominate a new chair.  Katherine nominated Julie Williams, Julie accepts, Elizabeth seconds.  Voting was unanimous.  Kim commented that a co-chair should be decided on in the event Julie could not be at a meeting.  Kim nominates Sarah Scherbel, Allison seconds.  Voting was unanimous.
  2. FUNDRAISER: Sarina Armstrong, theatre teacher and director of school’s musical, asks the committee for permission to use the school community council’s fundraiser for the Musical

Allison asked how auditions were done this year.  Sarina explained that it was done by the students interested in Intermediate theatre and then it was opened up to 8th and 9th graders for auditions.  Allison asked why no 7th graders were invited to audition.  Sarina explains that since there is an Advanced Theatre class specifically for the musical, beginning theatre is now a prerequisite.  Sarina also comments that there are currently 70 students involved in the musical with 30 stage crew members.

Allison says her concern with giving the fundraiser to the Theatre department and are not going for students’ school wide.  Sarah explains that as a SCC we have Trust Lands money that goes towards school-wide things and no other department has approached the SCC for the fundraiser.  Kim explains that each MS receives 4 fundraisers per year.  The PTA has one, which is the memory books.  Aaron asked if there were any other ways for 7th graders to participate.  Kim said 7th Graders can participate in the stage crew, will be invited to help paint sets, usher and other support roles.  SCC gets one and SBO’s get two.  Darla asked if all the departments know that the opportunity exists to lobby for the SCC fundraiser.   Allison asks if we give the fundraiser, can we put stimulations on it to involve 7th graders into Theatre.  Julie says no, either the SCC uses the fundraiser or gives it to a group.  Kim explains that by Theatre having the fundraiser, it does help the whole school out.  Since theatre used the SCC fundraiser the last couple of years,  the musical will pay for itself and Kim will not use the student activities fund.  Julie motions to approve giving the SCC Fundraiser to the Theatre department.  Sarah seconds.  SCC votes.  Allison abstains.  Motions carries with Theatre taking the SCC fundraiser.

  1. SCHOOL GRADE:  Kim explained that Copper Mountain received an ‘A’.  Some teachers worry because their scores are not as high as the year before, but it is student growth &  proficiency that the SAGE test is monitoring.  Every year the students are different, so overall scores are going to change from year to year.
  2. TRUSTLANDS: Kim explains that we received more funds than we anticipated.  From the last meeting we had in the spring.  In the plan we decided that any additional money would go to expand summer and afterschool programs and add more mobile labs.  Sarah asks how the teachers out in the portables get to utilize the mobile labs.  Kim explained that the portable teachers will check out the labs in the building and bring their kids in.  Todd asks what the trust lands funds are.  Kim explained that they are public funds that go right into the school depending on number of students.  As a SCC, we decide how the money is spent.
  3. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: Mike said that CMMS will have a Netsmart assembly on Oct. 6th.  Netsmart talks to students about appropriate internet and electronic safety.  Teachers are required to go through an annual training on digital citizenship.  Paul comments that he has a friend whose student is able to look things up in foreign languages and go around the firewalls.  He asks what is in place for situations like that.  Mike explains that they are constantly monitoring the websites and if something gets past, it will get blocked.  Kim explains that each lab has Lanschool, which allows the teachers to see everything that students are looking at and control the screen.  Sarah wonders if the PTA can switch white ribbon week to the fall and red ribbon week to the spring to go along with netsmart assembly.  Darla said she has seen in done at other middle schools.  Mike explained that during the rules assembly appropriate use of cell phones was also addressed and some of the consequences for inappropriate use.
  4. SAFETY: During the first week of school, teachers have been informed of safety procedures and processes and have gone through them with students.  School-wide we did a fire drill on Sept. 3rd.  The whole school evacuated in 3 minutes.  Allison asked if 3 minutes is a good time. Mike said that the school would like to get it down to 2 minutes.  He also comments that as a school we need at least 3 people on staff who are CPR certified and currently we have 7 going to training.  Mike comments that this year we would like to bring back the K-9 unit.  Julie asks Connie to explain what it means to bring in the K-9 unit.  Aaron asked if there was a fee for bringing in the K9 unit. The response was that there is not a fee and it is part of the program.  Connie explains that, in the event of an emergency situation, we like to have the officers in our building as much as possible so they are aware of our building.  Last year, when the dogs came, we were completely locked-down and the dogs did a quick run through.  It helps the students, teachers, administrators and the law enforcement know what needs done if situations arise where the school needs to be locked down.  This year we would like to do it twice.  Julie asks to make a motion to allow the dogs to come, Paul seconds. Motion is approved.  Mike also commented that the city is putting in a cross walk in front of the school for the students living in the new homes in front of the school.

HEALTHY LIFE STYLES:  Connie talks about how lunches are split by 5th period and rosters are looked at to even out the number of students in the lunch room.  Even though lunches are big, within the first week, we were down to 10-12 minutes that every student had food.  That leaves 20 minutes to eat and socialize.  The vending machines are more restricted this year because of laws passed.  The policy on ice cream is that it needs to be less than 200 calories, so right now there is no ice cream.  Our lunch department is just waiting to hear from the district.  Another item to be aware of is if student’s buy two lunches, the first is subsidized and is $2.00, but the 2nd is $3.00.  Allison asks if next year the updated lunch schedule could get out earlier to students so they can plan their day.  Connie said yes. This year we ran into problems with updating the website and teacher changes, but it should be doable for next year.  Allison also asked if the safe walking route is going to be updated with 11800 S. opening soon.  Connie said that we will probably be able to discuss that at the next meeting.

ACCREDITATION:  Every 5 years, schools with 9th graders need to be accredited.  The school needs parents to take a survey.  The information on how to take the survey was sent home with student schedules, it’s been posted on Facebook and Skylerts have gone out.  The school needs 20% of parent involvement. The school will continue to advertise through Facebook, the website, and send out another Skylert.  We are going to ask parents to do the survey during Student-Led Conference.  We are going to be spending a lot of time as a faculty and staff to look at the feedback.  The accreditation team is coming March 16 & 17.

COUNSELING CENTER:  Melisa talked about the counselors going out and meeting each 7th grader one-on-one.  8th graders planning for college and career meetings will be coming up in October and the counselors would love more parent involvement.  There were only 54% of parents that came to meetings.  Melisa commented that last year the feedback received from parents was positive and the information was helpful.  Sarah suggested sending something home with the students beforehand to go over with the student to prepare for meeting and come up with questions or information that the parent may need from the counselors.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Sarah asked if we have defibrillators and if the school is trained to use them?  Yes, and there are staff members trained.  Todd asked about the school’s bully prevention programs.  Connie explains that we spend a lot of time in our TA classes talking about appropriate interactions, it was addressed at the rules assembly and the consequences and there is a no-tolerance policy.  Connie explained that Colt Corral will start 2nd quarter and that has been pushed back to give the TA teachers more time with their classes.  The TA teachers are addressing appropriate behavior.   It’s an on-going learning experience for students.  Aaron asked if all students knew about the lunch pass to the library and the ability to get books from other libraries in the district.  Kim explained that students are aware of the pass, but it is not something that is announced because there is limited space in the library.  Paul asked if the school has things in place during extended lockdowns, such as food and supplies.  Connie commented that there are emergency bags that are permanently in the classroom and are updated and inventoried yearly.  The shed out back is stocked with phones, water, Band-Aids, blankets etc.  All Teachers and substitutes know these exist in the classroom.

NEXT MEETING: November 4th at 6:00pm.  Minutes from this meeting will be emailed out and approved via email.  Kim asked if Trust Lands can be signed online, or we would do a hardcopy.  Kim motions to sign online.  Sarah seconds motion, voting to sign Trust Lands online is unanimous.

Kim Motions to adjourn, Connie seconds the meeting is adjourned.

Year Schedule: September 16, November 4, February 10, April 6

Trust Land School Plan 2015-2016 - Copper Mountain MD

Goal #1

Almost the entire salary and benefits section of the land trust money is dedicated to the school's effort in the establishment of its professional learning community and professional development. Our goals are to move more students to the proficient levels in all tested areas and feel the establishment of our PLC's is the most viable research based system to do so. Our goal is that test scores will be at 90% proficiency in Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Mastery for all other subjects. We will focus on learning, collaboration, and using results to guide our high quality instruction and hope to reach our goal in 5 years. Teachers will use professional development days to collaborate, instate core specific conferences, and district provided training days.

Academic Areas








We will use end of level assessments to show progress towards our goal in Science, Mathematics, and Language Arts. We will also use formative and summative assessments on Mastery Connect to track growth and mastery in all other subject areas. We will use SRI's to show growth with a school-wide improvement of moving students that score below basic in Reading to basic by 2% or more by the end of the year. Utah Write writing assessment will be used with a holistic improvement every year. Tutoring attendance will rise with numbers matching the growth of the school. After-school and summer programs participation counts will be used to assess improvement of attendance and interest. Professional development efforts, and its impact on student learning, will be measured using pre-post assessment data, overall improvement in benchmarks, end of level testing, surveys, and attendance numbers.

Action Plan Steps

All teachers will use team planning days to work on curriculum and assessments to support student learning as it relates to State Standards and Mastery. All subject areas will have access to Professional Development days during the school year and summer. Student mastery is not solely measured by success in only math, science and language arts. All teachers will analyze data to assess levels of student learning, and establish re-teaching or extend methods, for student progress. It is the collective belief that the work with professional learning communities will positively impact the results of our end of year assessments in all subjects. Teachers will work at the school during the summer, to set the curriculum, and common assessments for the year. We are dedicated to continuing implementation of middle level philosophy complete with integrated curriculum, developmentally responsive instruction, and collaboration between staff members. Funds will also be used for in-school mentor training with substitutes to cover. Copper Mountain has several new teachers on staff that need extra support with the State standards, curriculum, assessments, class management, remediation, and extend activities. We will continue to purchase computers, software, equipment, and mobile devices for classroom use in all subject areas. Teachers will use tutoring, after and before school activities, and summer programs to assist students with remediation and extension in all subjects. Students struggling with attendance issues can use this time to make-up missing work and receive help on standards. Also, teachers will use after school and summer programs, to extend students talents and interest in school. We believe this will build motivation and a strong connection to school.


Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)Before and after school tutoring/ summer extension camps            $31,303

Professional and Technical Services (300) & Conference registration and training for teachers and staff.                 $15,000

Equipment (730)              Chromebooks w/carts for classroom use and testing.                                                                     $23,000

Total:     $69,303

Increased Distribution


The 2015-2016 distribution in this plan is an estimate. If the actual distribution is more than the estimate, how will additional funds be spent to implement the goals described in the plan?

Increased money will be used for salaries for staff to run after school and summer catch up programs in several content areas (specifically math, science, and Language Arts). Also, increased distribution monies will be used to purchase chromebook labs for each pod area. The areas will use the chromebooks for student testing and research.