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Standards Based Grading

Standards-Based Grading...What is it?

The purpose of any type of grading system is to communicate with students and parents about the achievement and mastery of specific learning goals.  Grading identifies students’ levels of progress with regard to those goals, areas of strength, and areas where additional time and effort are needed.

Standards-Based Grading

Copper Mountain Middle uses Standards-Based Grading!  Standards are what teachers are required to teach and students are expected to learn at each grade level in each subject.  Class standards, or learning goals, are broken down into two parts: what students need to know and what students need to do.  In the past, end of term grades have been a compilation of what students know and do as well as other elements such as whether the student has turned in an assignment on time, whether he participates in class, comes prepared, and behaves in class.  Students’ letter grade should come from whether they have mastered the standard.  At Copper Mountain we want the students’ grade to reflect what they have learned.

How we determine when students achieve mastery is through formative assessments.  Formative Assessments can include paper/pencil tests, reports, essays, projects, presentations, and even a conversation where students can clearly show that a standard is mastered.   Students will have a lot of practice before an assessment and will be able to retake assessments to reach mastery for that quarter.  For each assessment, a students’ score will correlate with a Rubric  1, 2, 3, or 4 (just like Utah’s CRT tests that are taken at the end of the school year).

What do the numbers mean?

4= Above Mastery- Students have gone above what the standard has asked.  They can apply the standard. (Think of this as extra credit to get the 4--or A)

3=Mastery- Students have done what the standard has asked

2=Approaching Mastery-Students are almost there! They have done most of what the standard has asked but are missing some part

1= Below Mastery- We still have some work to do.  Students have not done what the standard has asked

This flow chart helps to demonstrate the numbers and also helps show what this may look like in the classroom.

Standards-Based Grading Flow Chart

Students will know exactly what to expect for the assessment and where they need to be for mastery.  Teachers will use data collected through Mastery Connect to arrange tutoring and mentoring.  Tutoring will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.  Also, teachers will be implementing interventions as needed during class time.