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Helping Your Kid Through the Middle School Years



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Protecting Your Child's Hearing

Advice to Protect You and Your Child's Hearing

How to Motivate Your Child to do Homework

Getting kids to buckle down and do their work at home can be very frustrating to parents. Realize it or not there is psychology for every child’s reason for being unmotivated. If you can tap into the secret code lying within your child’s personality you just may be able to create the environment that will enhance their ability to embrace the dreaded reality of homework and get it done without all the ruckus.

Identify your child’s homework personality:


Are they always coming up with excuses and distractions when doing their homework?How to motivate:

* Work right beside them. Whether you are paying bills, writing in your journal, reading a magazine or sorting laundry, stay beside them and you will find there will be much less excuses.

* Give an incentive. If you schedule homework before fun-time they have something to anticipate so they are more apt to work much harder. Occasionally link a special reward if you see your child is really trying and struggling, this will build more momentum.

Speed Demons:

Does your child rush through their work often making careless mistakes? How to slow them down:

* Mom and Dad can play student. Your child can teach you the lesson as
if they were the teacher. Memory retention is boosted a great deal if you
teach someone else what you are learning.
* Allow multitasking. Speed demons are usually good at doing two things
at once so if you let them listen to music or something they might enjoy
themselves they wont feel so rushed to get it done. It takes a little bit of
boredom out of what already feels like an after school cloud over the


Does your child sit down to do their work and then get up often (bathroom, drink, snack, watch video etc.)?How to make them stay put!

*Establish a designated study area that has everything they need where
they don’t have to get up. A quiet place with a drink, snack, plenty of
lighting, sharpened pencils etc. Sometimes children just get frustrated
when they don’t have everything they need to get a job done so they find
what they think are better things to do with their time.
* Set a timer. If your child still has trouble keeping their undivided
attention on their work then set a timer and give them so long to do every
few problems. Make a game out of it to keep them interesting.


Some people have children that actually want everything too perfect. They spend way too much time picking their work and making sure everything is correct that they get frustrated that their homework is not getting done.

How to calm their nerves and lessen their expectations.

* Give a time limit. Perfectionists need to know when to quit and let go.
“Can you finish in an hour?” A little pressure might make them see they
need to get it done. Don’t discourage their desire to get the answers right,
but try to build their confidence to where if it is not all perfect they won’t
fall apart.
*Be a cheerleader parent. A perfectionist may need some bragging and
encouraging. “You did awesome on your test.” This will make them feel
accepted, and when they fail teach them to shake it off and try again

Websites and Apps for homework help

 Legacy Wall (Main Street)

We are very excited about our multimedia  Legacy Wall.  This is your school’s unique scan code.

What you first need to do is download a free QR reader app for your Ipad, Iphone or Android.  There are many excellent ones to choose from.

Next try scanning the QR code with your device.  Also have others at your school do the same.

Here is what you should see when you do your scan with on your device.

Introductory Page in a new window


With the emphasis on technology these days and the prevalence of smart phones and tablet computers we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some “apps” (applications for smart phones/tablets) that may help your student with concepts they are learning, provide extra help in a particular subject, inform you, or might just be a fun academic game. These can all be found in the iTunes store. Check to see if you can find them in your Android market place too!

Khan Academy  (Free) “Allows you to learn almost anything for free!” Has specific Khan apps for Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Biology, and many others.

States Game  (Free) A game to help students study for states & capitals tests in 8th grade U.S. history. Practice states, capitals, shapes, flags, etc.

Common Core Standards Mastery Connect (Free) Utah State Standards listed for parents and students! “A great reference for students and parents to understand the Core Standards.”

Science Fair (Free) A database of science fair ideas for 8th grade students (required to complete a science fair project this year).

BuzzMath Middle School (Free) The best math practice App for middle school classrooms.

ScholasticStoria "Reading app to access age-appropriate eBooks.” Some books are free!