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Parent Mental Health Resources

Jordan Family Education Center Classes & Support Group

             -Spring 2022 Class Schedule

             -Spring 2022 Class Course Descriptions

• Jordan School District Health & Wellness Website

Free Parenting Webinars/Courses by Licensed Clinicians

         Course Examples provided by Listed below:

      • Connecting with Your Child by Parenting with Purpose
      • How Digital Media is Changing Our Children's Mental Health
      • Protecting Our Children by Staying Aware and Involved
      • Helping Your Child When They're Bullied
      • How Parents Can Prevent Suicide

• Parent Coaching Available through

Homework Help Websites & Apps

BuzzMath Middle School (Free) The best math practice App for middle school classrooms.

Common Core Standards Mastery Connect (Free) Utah State Standards listed for parents and students! “A great reference for students and parents to understand the Core Standards.”

Khan Academy (Free) Allows you to learn almost anything!” Has specific Khan apps for Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Biology, and many others.

ScholasticStoria "Reading app to access age-appropriate eBooks.” Some books are free!

Science Fair (Free) A database of science fair ideas for 8th grade students (required to complete a science fair project this year).

States Game  (Free) A game to help students study for states & capitals tests in 8th grade U.S. history. Practice states, capitals, shapes, flags, etc.

How to Motivate Your Child to do Homework

Getting kids to buckle down and do their homework can be very frustrating to parents. Each student has a homework personality and a reason for being unmotivated. Identify your child's homework personality as well as some ways to help them!


Are they always coming up with excuses and distractions when doing their homework? How to motivate:

* Work right beside them. Whether you are working, paying bills, sorting laundry, etc. stay beside them and you will find there will be less excuses.

* Give an incentive. If you schedule homework before free-time they have something to look forward to and are more apt to work harder. 


Does your child rush through their work often making careless mistakes? How to slow them down:

* Have your child teach you the lesson. Memory retention is boosted a great deal if you teach someone else what you are learning.

* Allow multitasking. Speed demons are usually good at doing two things at once so they may enjoy themselves if they also get to listen to music or something similar.


Does your child sit down to do their work and then get up often (bathroom, drink, snack, watch YouTube, etc.)? How to make them stay put!

* Establish a designated study area that has everything they need so they don't have to get up. This should be a quiet place with a drink, snack, plenty of lighting, sharpened pencils, etc.

*Set a timer. Have your child study for 20 minutes before they get a break. Make a game out of how many problems they can get done before the timer goes off.


Does your child need all their school work to be perfect? Do they spend way too much time making sure everything is correct that they get frustrated that their homework is not getting done?

How to calm their nerves and lessen their expectations.

*Give a time limit. Perfectionists need to know when to quit and let go. "Can you finish in an hour?" A little pressure might make them see they need to get it done while building their confidence that if it's not perfect they won't fall apart.

*Be a cheerleader parent. A perfectionist may need some bragging and encouragement! Help them recognize they have done GREAT even when they don't get everything perfect.

Protecting Your Child's Hearing

Advice to Protect You and Your Child's Hearing