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Safety & Emergency Information


Multiple times throughout the school year we hold safety drills.  We prepare for fire, earthquake, shelter-in-place and/or lockdown situations.  This is to help staff and students to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Safety, along with education, is our top priority at CMMS.

In the event of an emergency, we will do our best to get information out to you as soon as we can.  Please understand that this can be delayed somewhat because we will be focusing on the students to ensure they are accounted for and safe.

We have meetings with city and police officials each year to review safety protocols and to see where we can improve.  One of the concerns that the first responders have voiced is that, during emergencies, there is often a rush to the school and it creates a chaotic atmosphere which can slow down their efforts by blocking access for emergency vehicles.  It is also a concern for them because it splits their attention and they have to divert resources that would have otherwise been used to help the school.

If we are in a situation where students need to be reunified with their families, the following locations will be used (based on circumstances).  

  1. Plan A - CMMS fields in the back of the school
  2. Plan B - Herriman High School fields/stadium
  3. Plan C - Herriman High School auditorium  

Similarly to checking students out, parents/guardians will need to bring identification for the student to be released. 

We hope to never need to use this process, but want everyone to be aware, and prepared in the event that we do. 

Thank you,

CMMS Administration