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2016-2017 SCC Archive

Copper Mountain School Community Council
September 14, 2016 -6:30pm
Copper Mountain Media Center

Attendees: Cody Curtis, Dane Henderson, Katherine Harbaugh, Julie Williams, Melisa Christiansen,
Connie, Bailey, Paul Feyereisen, Allison Arsenault, Liz Erickson, Amanda Parker, Ami Swallow, Mike
Christensen, Kristin Richins, Sarah Scherbel.
1. WELCOME: Julie Williams welcomed the council member and guests.
a. Introductions of members
b. Election for Chair and Vice-Chair 2016-2017
i. Julie nominates herself to continue as chair, Sarah offers to be vice-chair.
ii. MOTION: For Julie Williams to Serve as Chair and Sarah Scherbel to be Vice-
Chair made by Julie. 2 nd by Sarah. Voting was unanimous.

a. Celebration –
i. Science department ranked 3 rd in the state in SAGE scores
ii. Smiths made a donation to Jordan Education Foundation and JEF is matching it
and giving portions to 4 schools. Copper Mountain will receive ¼ of the money.

b. 2016 SAGE – Review of scores
c. Trustlands Review
3. Increased money to $92,053. Approved from last years council to be allocated into pay for extra
hours for teachers.
a. Safe Walking Route
i. Updated verbage, but routes have stayed the same. 11800 S. is still not part of
the safe walking route because there is still no sidewalks.

b. Fire/Evacuation Drill – 2:17 to evacuate the building
c. Lock-out Incident – exterior doors are locked, but business as usual in the building.
d. Proposed Combined Lock-Down Drill- multi-school drill
i. MOTION: To approve use of dogs during lock-down drill by Sarah. 2nd by
Amanda. Voting was unanimous.

e. Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety – NetSmarts assembly for all students, computers
have strong filter setup by the district
f. Safety inspection – Every audit that Copper Mountain has had we’ve received 100%.
a. Student Led Conferences: Sept 21 & 22
i. Possible options to change format.
b. Community Partnership – Smith’s Donation, Chick-fil- a and In-and- out
i. Many donations from community partners
c. Mentor Program – 19 new teachers!
i. New teachers meet every week and have a lot of support by veteran teachers.
d. Colt Corral – Beings Sept 29
a. Meet and Greets have been done with every 7 th grade student.
b. 9 th Grade College and Career Planning Meetings are changing.

c. Utah Scholars and Reality Town Volunteers needed.
i. Utah Scholars is Oct. 11 th and the training is Sept 27 th at 12:00 at Herriman High
at the Tech Atrium. Lunch is provided.
ii. Reality Town is October 27 th 9:00 am – 11:30 am.

a. School Musical:
i. MOTION: To approve SCC fundraiser be given to the musical theatre class made
by Julie. 2 nd by Paul. Motion passes. Allison abstains.

a. Next meeting is November 9 th at 6:30 pm
i. February 8 th changed to February 9 th
ii. March 29 th
iii. May 10 th


Copper Mountain School Community Council
November 11, 2016 -6:30pm
Copper Mountain Media Center

Attendees: Allison Arsenault, Cody Curtis, Connie Bailey, Mike Christensen, Dane Henderson, Amanda
Parker, Ami Swallow, Sarah Scherbel, Riann Koldewyn, Kathy Davis, Julie Williams, Lindsay Hagblom,
Todd McIntyre, and Katherine Harbough.
1. WELCOME: Julie Williams welcomed the council member and guests.
a. Introductions of new members
b. Bond passed, so the district is prepared to get things in motion.
c. Review of meeting minutes.
i. MOTION: Julie motions to approve minutes from September. 2 nd by Sarah.
Voting was unanimous.
2. 1 st Quarter Data Review/Trustland Update:
a. About half of salary and benefit money spent, but none of the technology budget has
been spent yet, but we are looking at getting chromebooks in the portables.
b. The school is in the 4 th year, so the school is starting to look at replacing computers
already and getting on a replacement schedule so all computers do not have to be
replaced at the same time.
c. Copper Mountain is starting credit recovery program
i. Gives student a grade change
ii. Free to student
iii. Under the guidance of a teacher

a. Safe Walking Route
i. New developments are purposed and will include them so the school can look at

b. Proposed Combined Lock-Down Drill- multi-school drill was postponed
i. Silvercrest, new charter school and Herriman High
c. Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety – NetSmarts assembly for all students. Skyaltert will
go out to direct parents to to visit with students about proper cell phone
use and electronic devices.
d. Safety inspection – 86% today. Very good for being short staffed.
e. Crosswalk lights could be a possibility through Udot and with the school and district
i. Traffic meeting will be held December 7 th @ 7:00 pm @ Daybreak Community

a. Remediation and extension activities on Thursdays
b. Tutoring: every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00pm-4:00pm
c. PTSA Student Leadership Team
d. Intramurals
a. Currently doing 8 th grade Planning for College and Career Readiness meetings.
b. Finished Career Week: 7 th Grade KSL assembly, 8 th Grade Job Shadow, 9 th Grade Reality
Town and lunchroom activities.

a. Next meeting is February 9 th at 6:30 pm
i. March 29 th
ii. May 10 th

Julie motions for meeting to be adjourned. 2 nd by Amanda. Voting unanimous. Meeting Adjourned



Copper Mountain School Community Council
February 9, 2017 6:30 pm
Copper Mountain Media Center

Attendees: Allison Arsenault, Cody Curtis, Connie Bailey, Mike Christensen, Dane Henderson,
Amanda Parker, Ami Swallow, Sarah Scherbel, Riann Koldewyn, Kathy Davies, Julie Williams,
Katherine Harbough. Liz Erickson, Megan Stone, and Paul Feyereisen.
1. Welcome– Review of Minutes
a. Julie Williams welcomed the council member and guests.
b. Correction to name spelling, changed to Kathy Davies from Kathy Davis.
Corrected and voted on. Approved by members.
c. Introductions of new members
d. Review of meeting minutes.
i. MOTION: Julie motions to approve minutes from November 11, 2016.
Voting was unanimous.
2. 2nd QTR Data Review / Celebrations
I. Tutoring Program- Promoting it more with parents and students. Shared ideas to
increase numbers. Clarification that it is available on a drop-in basis on Tuesday
and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Students are going to their teacher for help
first, not going to the assigned tutor teacher. It is posted who the teacher is
doing tutoring.
II. Attendance- Average daily attendance first quarter was 95%. Second quarter
improved to 97%. Increase in tardiness. Teacher driven intervention. Unexcused
check-ins are on the rise. We are trying to address this.
III. Make-up Credit- Working with counselors and teachers to decrease the number
of deficient credits of 9 th grade students. Packets in place for all core subjects for
first quarter. Free remediation/recovery packet to earn credit. Program is in
place now. Need students to take advantage of it. It requires 4 hours of time
after school with the student working with the teacher.
a. Suggestion- Suggestion of implementing something similar to the MAP
period at Herriman high school. We have Colt Corral time for
remediation at CMMS.
b. Question- What is the process for teachers who are calling students to
remediation to identify the students?
c. Answer- Students are identified by whether they meet mastery, not just
if they have a failing grade, and then are called to remediation with the
teacher. Students go to the classes they are supposed to get help to get
up to mastery.
3. Trustland Update / Suggestions
I. Salaries are for tutoring and teacher planning days. Mentor observations as well.
Solutions Tree conference is coming up in the Spring and money will be spent to

send teachers.
II. Equipment money was spent on Chrome Books. Created two new portable labs.
Plans for more technology. iPads and updating the computer labs.
III. Cell Tower money can be used for additional teacher aids, looking at several
a. Question- Do we have mac book labs or just chrome books labs?
b. Suggestion- It is needed to have computers that work with the Chinese
language characters.
c. Answer- We are using the labs in the media center to accommodate the
language testing. The computers there are working for the language.
IV. Concern about ways to use space, including labs as classrooms. Planning for
growth, anticipating how to use the money with more teachers.
V. We will be approving the Trustland budget during our next meeting on March
29 th during community council.
a. Question- Are there suggestions on how to use the money?
b. Information Shared- Surveys from the legislature asking for feedback.
c. Suggestion- Advocate for local control of Trustland funding.

4. SNAP Plan Approval
I. Safe walking route was shared.
a. Question- What has been updated in the walking route map?
b. Answer- Cautions are added. Using the sidewalks. Extra caution in using
the sidewalks to across Mountain View Corridor.

II. Instructions for students living in Anthem Park subdivision was added because it
was newly built subdivision.
III. Issues and concerns we can address with the city and the district.
1) High volume of traffic
2) Commercial businesses being built so it adds volume of traffic.
3) The new elementary school will also add traffic.
4) Concern about the speed limit of 40 mph.
5) Crossing guard issue. Some cities do have a crossing guard, but the city
has to budget it.
i. Update- Cody met with the officials from the city to put a hawk
signal in the crosswalk. It is in the agenda. Unsure of when it could
be implemented in the city plan.
ii. Suggestion- Petition the city council to increase the priority for
the hawk signal. We try to send the message of how vital this is
for safety.

6) Concerns about Anthem Park Blvd sidewalks being incomplete.
i. Action Item- Julie will reach out to Herriman City Council.
ii. MOTION- Julie motions to approve the SNAP plan. Liz seconded
the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Programs Update
I. Intermural sport program after school- Fall there was a volleyball group. Floor
Hockey is going on for Spring. They will rotate different sports. The kids are

having lots of fun. They rotate through different teams. The PE coach is
supervising. Part of the Tues/ Thurs after school time. Plans to expand this
II. Announcements- We are doing video announcements. The students are really
liking it. The kids are gaining confidence. The kids are paying attention to them
better on the video. Kids are more engaged. The announcements were recorded
and teachers could show it later. When a sub is in a class, they can go to the class
next door to see the announcement.
III. OverDrive- A neat opportunity is OverDrive through the library. The students can
download and access ebooks and audiobooks. There are no fines. 7 th -12 th grade.
a. Question- How many can you check out?
b. Answer- Not sure of the limit. There are lots of new options because of
a shared OverDrive library among schools. We are purchasing books to
go on the OverDrive to add to our school collection. It’s a shared district
library. It’s available for all students.

IV. Television- TV installed down in the cafeteria. Worked with Herriman High to get
high school information to our CMMS students. We are excited to work with HHS
to help fund the TV. We now have the TV announcements. Appreciate the high
school to work with us on this. It’s a PPT video program. The HHS brings us new
information to share. Basic calendar items are on there now. Advertisements
about extracurricular activities. Help the 9 th graders feel more connected to the
a. Suggestion- College and career videos to be added as well. The council
liked the idea to add that information.
b. Suggestion- Adding pictures of student to the TV as well.
c. Suggestion- SBO’s survival guide. Asking them to do a video
presentation. Yearbook pictures would be an easy way to get that
d. Question- Do the SBO’s do a training for the officers to work together.
It is difficult because of scheduling.

6. Parking Lot/ Transportation- Concern- The biggest parking lot feeds out the same exit as
the buses. From the district stand point it is a bus zone. The busses are on a strict
schedule. We are looking at fixing the issues. Timing is critical. Pedestrians are also a
concern. We are setting up cones to try to direct traffic.

a. Suggestion- Widen the north exit and have a right turn and left turn
exits. Try to get the right turn funneling out faster.
b. Question- Can we explore a no parking zone?
c. Answer- We would have to check-in with the city.

7. Counseling Center Updates-
I. Parent University- Next week during student led conferences. During the 20
minute drop-in time.
II. Cone Meeting scheduled to help with high school transition.
III. STEM initiative for girls- The Counseling Center took a field trip to Adobe and

IV. Question- What about opportunities for our boys?
V. 9 th Grade PCCRS
VI. Suggestion- Spend time on training parents about arena scheduling.
VII. Comment- Transition is very key. Thanks for the efforts to help transition happen
from elementary and to high school.

8. Multi-School Lockdown-
I. Yes, it is happening. It will include Herriman High, Athlos, and CMMS. We will
report results afterwards.

9. Other... 
* Next meeting is March 29, 2017 at 6:30 pm
I. Please review the minutes.
MOTION: Move to adjourn- Second, “I”. 😉
Post-meeting follow-up by Julie Williams:
i. Coralee Moser from Herriman City Council responded:
Here's the update on the proposed Hawk Sign at CMMS. The project was already
approved in concept but not funded until a larger budget amendment was on the
agenda. That budget amendment happens to be this Wednesday night for Herriman City
Council. The signal will be installed no later than just before the next school year, but
Herriman City is working with the installers, the county, to expedite it.


Copper Mountain School Community Council
March 29, 2017 -6:30pm
Copper Mountain Media Center

Attendees: Cody Curtis, Connie Bailey, Mike Christensen, Dane Henderson, Amanda Parker, Ami
Swallow, Sarah Scherbel, Riann Koldewyn, Kathy Davis, Julie Williams, Todd McIntyre, Liz Erickson,
Melisa Christiansen, Allison Arsenault and Katherine Harbaugh.
1. WELCOME: Julie Williams welcomed the council member.
a. Review of meeting minutes.
i. MOTION: Julie motions to approve minutes from February meeting. Amanda
seconded motion. Voting was unanimous.

a. Tutoring in February
i. Lowest number of students attending tutoring after school for the year was in
ii. Math had the highest numbers of the year in February
iii. Suggestion by parents: Put on school calendar, send skyalerts, and send
frequent reminder to parents more frequently.

b. Celebrations
i. John Schneggenburger was awarded JEF Teacher of the year.

a. Most of the funds from 2016-2017 have been spent
b. Proposal of 2017-2018 Budget
i. Julie proposes that if there is an increase in funds from projected amount that it
can be used toward professional development as well as what is on proposal.
ii. Goal for next year is to have a 1:1 ratio on student per technological device in
core classes.
1. The School is over half way to the goal with Language Arts teacher’s
computer classrooms and the mobile labs that are available.
iii. Procedure for approving Tustlands will be a digital. Council members
will need to review the proposal and approve the budget.
iv. MOTION: Julie motions that the 2017-2018 budget proposal be
approved. Motion seconded by Sarah. Voting unanimous.

a. School will be participating in The Great Shakeout on April 20 th at 10:15am.
a. District personnel came out to review traffic flow and proposed suggested change for
a. Students went to a creative writing book camp
b. Science Olympiad team has been competing and will be going to the state tournament.
c. Counseling center took students to the SHEtech conference, Imflash and adobe for field
d. Math went down to BYU for a competition.
e. Band and Orchestra and Choir have been performing at different festivals.

f. School Musical is coming April 6-8 th .
g. College Carnival was a great success.
h. Chinese competition on April 20 th .
a. College Carnival and College Week
b. 9 th Grade meetings with students, parents and the high school to plan 10 th grade
schedules and review arena scheduling.

a. Council addresses members who is ending 2 year term and will not be back for the
2017-2018 school year.
i. Julie and Riann will not be back next year
b. Council has fulfilled the 4 meetings required for the year and all business has been
i. MOTION: Julie motions to cancel the May 10 th meeting. Motion seconded by
Liz. Voting unanimous.

Sarah motions for meeting to be adjourned. Motion seconded by Ami. Voting unanimous. Meeting