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CMMS FAQ’s: Gym Class

What is the uniform for gym class?

Students should have a white or light gray t-shirt and black gym shorts or black pants for gym.  Students need to change from their regular clothes into their gym clothes everytime they have gym.  Students should also plan on taking their clothes home weekly to be washed.

Does my student have to shower after gym?

No, students are not required to shower after gym.  It is suggested that students change their clothes so they are not attending classes in their gym clothes.  It is also recommended that students use deodorant, shower regularly and wash their gym clothes weekly.

What about gym lockers?

Students are assigned a gym locker for their use during PE.  Each locker has a combination lock.  Students do not need to provide their own lock.

What are the different gym class options?

This year we are offering Intro to Fitness and Fitness 7.

What's the difference between Fitness 7 and Intro to Fitness?

Intro to fitness helps prepare students in a non-competitive environment to improve their fitness and basic sports skill. Fitness 7 is a more traditional physical education course and helps students continue to apply their skills in modified games and drills.

Note: Intro to Fitness can be taken in lieu of Fitness 7 or as an elective if students are interested in taking a PE class all year.