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Social & Emotional Support

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Please complete this FERPA (parent permission form) for one of our counselors to be able to meet with your student. Please email or deliver to your counselor to keep on file for the year. Counselors also have paper copies available. We respect family and student confidentiality and are guided by FERPA law.



Our Counseling Center is very committed to giving all students additional support through individual counseling and group counseling. In our groups, we focus on a variety of topics: anger management, conflict resolution, healthy relationship building, problem solving, and surviving with the death of a loved one. We are very proactive and responsive for students. Referrals for counseling services come from administrators, teachers, and parents. Each counselor facilitates group work with students as well as provides individual counseling sessions, as needed. Group counseling topics are varied and cover a wide range of life soil techniques. Groups vary year-to-year, depending on the needs of our students. Parents will need to sign a FERPA form to grant permission for group participation (available here - FERPA forms).

If you would like to refer your student to a group that we offer, please email

  • Divorce - Group members work through their parents' divorce.
  • Friendship - Students focus on healthy relationship building and problem-solving all while having a safe place to practice the techniques.
  • Good Grief - Group members work through the death of a loved one.
  • Study Skills - This group is for students who are just having a hard time "getting organized". Middle school can become a black hole for homework and completed assignments. This group is designed to help give a little more guided instruction and practice in the art of organization.